Fitness is a Lifestyle

Feb 14, 2023 | Fitness, Lifestyle

I will continue to put out what I feel is crucial intel giving you the physical, mental, and emotional advantage over the folks who are doing nothing but complaining and moaning about why they are not who or what they wanted to be.

Maintaining Discipline

Being fit requires discipline, and if you know anything about me, I demand and surround myself with disciplined humans.

I remember being a kid and always feeling sorry for the same kids that were picked last in gym class. Sometimes it was due to them just stinking. But as I grew older, I realized it was due to their physical traits and physique.

Was this fair? No, it wasn’t.

Life Isn’t Always Fair

And the only guarantee in life is there aren’t any guarantees except we are born, live, and then die

With that said, I can help with how you are living.

I wish I could wave a magic wand that would make everyone fit, prosperous, healthy, and happy.

But I can’t, and I wouldn’t

It’s not fair to the rest of us who are busting our asses day in and day out to be better.

I will give you a few pointers and tricks I learned as a SEAL to help you get the tactical and technical advantage to get your butt in shape and, more importantly, stay in shape.

Ray’s Top Tips To Start Improving Your Health

I want to focus on the basics because I know the folks reading this vary from beginner to expert.

1) Water

  • I highly recommend staying hydrated during the day.
  • You have one body or what I like to call a “Combat Chassis,” so keep it well-lubricated and hydrated. 


  • It’s as simple as this: You are what you eat.
  • So maintain some form of discipline and eat accordingly.
  • And for heaven’s sake, don’t ever have a “CHEAT” meal, have a “REWARD” meal.

So let’s attack life, eat healthier, drink more water, and kick ass.

You're Alive. There's your motivation

The time for change is now because nothing will ever change if you don’t do something.


  • Ray Cash Care

    Ray Cash Care is a former Navy SEAL who provides coaching to clients wanting to take their personal and professional life to the next level. He is a highly sought motivational speaker to companies of all sizes.