Motivate your team
Unlock their true potential
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Ray Cash Care
Ray Cash Care


Motivate your team
Unlock their true potential
Elevate your company to the next level


You’re not alone.

A lot of leaders feel like you.

It’s tough to unlock potential.

And all those leadership books and courses won’t solve your problem.

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Navy SEAL Veteran
Peak Performance Coach
Motivational Speaker
Fitness Expert

Ray “Cash” Care is a Navy SEAL veteran. During his combat zone tours in Iraq and Afghanistan he provided both high- and low-profile security protection for various United States government agencies, including the CIA.

Upon retirement from the military, Ray focused his passion, SEAL Team experience, and SEAL training to self-improvement and team building.

Ray Care is a sought-after keynote speaker who delivers high-energy, high-impact talks to organizations across the United States on leadership, organizational transformation, building high-functioning teams, and fitness.


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Are you looking for a public speaker to give your audience an experience that will take them to the next level?

Ray Cash Care


"Ray “Cash” Care exemplifies American intensity. Beyond the fact he is a great man and an incredible friend, he also lives what he preaches which can be difficult to come by in today’s society. Given the current condition of American culture we would be better off as a country if the USA would produce more men like him and make it mandatory for companies across the country to place them in their HR departments."

"Ray 'Cash’ Care is an American treasure and a true blooded Patriot- I am proud to call him my Friend."

"Ray ‘Cash’ is a Bad MF'er who I love like a brother for giving us FREEDOM"

"Ray’s raw honesty and openness of his internal battles to overcome his trauma is an example of his bravery not simply as a Navy SEAL, but for anyone looking for a spark of inspiration to overcome their own struggles."

"I have known Ray for two tours, SEALs, and CIA OPS, I punish him with horrific workouts and he simply smiles and laughs… not many people can do that. Ray is a humble, strong and a true Patriot… he represents everything that is great about America."

Tim Kennedy headshot

Tim Kennedy

U.S. Army Special Forces Veteran

“I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Ray, serving clients. His leadership is unwavering. He’s committed to excellence and not afraid to correct mediocrity. I am honored to call him a friend and respected leader.”

Bringing in Ray was the most impactful thing I did while at UCLA

“Ray Cash Care is a Life Changer. Listen to this Warrior, he will set you up to the next level.”

"Ray’s work with our sales and marketing organization made a significant impact on communication, effort, and partnership. The real differentiator is how my team has been able to continue to use best practices learned to drive sustained improvement."

Jac Alvarez

Jac Alvarez

Chief Revenue Officer
Nation Safe Drivers

"Several years ago I was at a crossroads in life, I had enjoyed a good amount of professional success and had a good family life, but something was missing. I realized I needed to take my game (personal and professional) to the next level. I decided to invest in a coach, and the coach I chose was Ray Care. Ray had an immediate impact. He was able to quickly identify several areas of focus for me and became a consistent positive force in my life. He is extremely intuitive and understands the importance of mindset in all aspects of life. And he is not afraid to call you out when you need it. Cannot recommend him highly enough, the guy will absolutely help you take your game to the next level. He has helped me make massive change professionally, personally (specifically my fitness level) and in my relationships with my family. "

Greg Goble Headshot

Greg Goble

Sales Director – Rubrik

"Coach Ray’s 4 pillars of success: Teamwork, Problem Solving, Leadership & Communication is fully integrated with everything he does a Coach! I developed Trust with Ray immediately and appreciated his honest feedback and accountability. Ray’s gift of coaching has led me to become a better man, husband, father, leader & CEO. Dynamic & adaptable, Ray has me operating two-three times in my performance in just three short months in the areas of: Faith, Fitness, Family; as well as mindset and positivity! We are a hell of a team together and I am proud to call him Coach! More great things coming - Boom!!"

Matt Johnson headshot

Matt Johnson

Hospital CEO

"If you are looking for a cheerleader to accept and encourage mediocrity I wouldn’t suggest using Ray. Now if you are looking for someone that is going to give you all the tools to better your life and encourage your pursuit of improvement then he is your man. In this coaching I’ve gotten someone who everyday lives what he teaches in my corner and with someone like that believing in me and putting consistent effort into my improvement how can I not do the same for myself. This isn’t just a phone call here and there. Ray always checks in with me and I don’t think has ever taken longer than 5-minutes to respond to my texts no matter what it was about. He has 100% supported me and been there for me in every step of my life and has given me the tools necessary to attack my goals and meet standards above and beyond I believed I could. After every call, text, or conversation it is clear exactly what I need to do to achieve my goals. One of the biggest things I’ve learned from Ray is the importance of self-investment and while I still have plenty to work on, I now have the self-confidence and tools to attack these struggles. Best investment I’ve made in myself. "

Justin Greenberg headshot

Justin Greenberg


Sometimes the flame burns out.





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