Be Your Best Self; Show Some Love To First Responders and Our Military

May 5, 2023 | Lifestyle, Motivation

Hello everyone, and happy May! Spring has sprung upon us. The birds are chirping, and the flowers are starting to bloom. Yet, there is something that has been and is continually bothering me. Deep down in my stomach, this pain has no medical cure. This pain has been festering and growing inside of me. Since it’s not a medical condition, I cannot temporarily numb it with medication.

“But despite all the dangerous instances, I take pride in knowing that I was fighting to defend the greatest nation on the planet, and what I did will constantly fuel my love for this country.”

Ray Cash Care

You see, I am suffering from an emotional condition brought upon by witnessing how our first responders and military personnel are not receiving the credit and appreciation they deserve. Let me preface this by saying that I have served this great nation for over 12 years, of which over eight years were served as an elite SEAL team operator. In addition, I worked in the C.I.A. for over 14 years.

I was in harm’s way more than I could count. But despite all the dangerous instances, I take pride in knowing that I was fighting to defend the greatest nation on the planet, and what I did will constantly fuel my love for this country. Even at the ripe age of 51, I would readily lace back up my cleats of freedom once more if I ever received a call to fight for the red, white, and blue.

Fast forward to today, most people tend to complain about these fearless individuals who fought to protect our freedom and safety. Even worse is that there has been mass calling for defunding the institutions of these brave men and women to help them do their jobs. Unfortunately, this public outcry only applies until evil or harm falls upon them. By then, these courageous men and women are called and expected to do their job! Such contradiction from the public emanates disrespect.

For The Vocal Minority; Move Along…

Such disrespect to our first responders and military people is disheartening for me to witness. After all, I grew up in an era where those who served and fought for the good name and freedom of those in the U.S.A. was loved, respected, and looked up to as these fantastic heroes. Yes, heroes! After all, these brave men and women defend, attack, and solve conflicts when most run and hide away from conflict. These courageous beings are rightful heroes since how many can selflessly put their lives and safety at risk to help or defend others? I strongly suggest you unfollow and unsubscribe from my platform ASAP if you do not share the same appreciation, love, and respect for the brave men and women who serve our great nation as first responders and military. You are not my intended audience.

Everyone in the United States should give credit, appreciation, and respect to every man and woman serving our community and country. These public servants include but are not limited to, uniformed police, nurses, doctors, teachers, trash collectors, servers, pilots, flight attendants, service people, bus transit drivers, train operators, military people, firefighters, and other community servers. These individuals are all overworked, underpaid, and unappreciated in contrast to their essential role and contribution to the safety and facilitation of our daily lives. In comparison, the public tends to put their admiration, respect, and money into a professional sports team that allows athletes to make a ridiculous amount of money. Interestingly, even the professional athletes I am friends with make similar sentiments, such as, “You couldn’t pay me enough to do what those heroes do, yet society put an amount and cap on their salaries.” Pretty wild, right?

We All Need to Show Gratitude. PERIOD.

This wild concept is challenging for me to ascertain and find logic to. How can we, as a community, limit the funding and salary of those who selflessly put themselves in harm’s way to protect others? As a practitioner of what I preach, I always offer to pay for lunch or buy coffee for any pilot, firefighter, first responder, or police officer in the same line as me in an establishment. This is a simple token of my appreciation for all they do for the community. If you interact with them, I challenge you to do the same, not necessarily to buy them anything but to show support and gratitude to these brave men and women. A handshake or a heartfelt thank you for their service would make their day! After all, you may need their services someday, and a little act of kindness goes a damn long way! This is a simple yet effective way to embody an optimal human being.

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  • Ray Cash Care

    Ray Cash Care is a former Navy SEAL who provides coaching to clients wanting to take their personal and professional life to the next level. He is a highly sought motivational speaker to companies of all sizes.