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Jun 13, 2023 | Lifestyle

I’m here with another blast to spread positivity to you. In a slight diversion to my usual motivational content, I wanted to focus on elevating your mindset and attitude to a whole new level.

I need you to get prepared because this will blow your mind, so hang on and strap up “because sh!ts about to get crazy!”

Two New Shirts For You

I’ve got new shirts for you that have words printed on them that are the mantra I live by. Whether you buy a shirt or not, the mantra is something you can use on your way to creating and keeping a solid lifestyle.

Let’s take a deeper look into the words…

Shirt #1 – I Identify as A Cockweed

First, I identify as a cockweed. Yes, you read that correctly. A cockweed. Frankly, I don’t care about the dictionary definition of the term. To me, this term simply means that I am hard to kill. To be a cockweed is to be the person that walks into the room and outperforms everybody in mind, body, and spirit; if they do not, a cockweed ensures they give one hell of a fight! Hey, let’s be realistic. We might not be able to win them all, but we sure as hell can let others know that we can be prepared for battle. I love this practice and ideology even at the age of 51 and will continue to do so until the day I die. 

“Ray, Stop or quit. Otherwise, you may need to go to the hospital!”

Tim Kennedy

This idea came to me while training with the great Tim Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy is a Green Beret and Strike Force Fighter. He is one of the most outstanding and gifted athletes I have ever worked with. As the legend goes, we were doing one of his insane workouts with a few UFC fighters, and before you knew it, I was in a very dark place of pain and discomfort. This is a place very few individuals are willing to explore.

Honestly, I felt utterly helpless and thought I was going to die. After all, I was on my back gasping for air in a puddle of my sweat, wondering if I was having a heart attack. However, Tim looked down at me and said: “Ray, Stop or quit. Otherwise, you may need to go to the hospital!” He then proceeded to poke me with a stick meant for stretching. At that moment, I had a small burst of energy that allowed me to move my arms and legs “like a cockroach when stuck on his back fighting to survive.” I responded, “Never. I’m too hard to kill!” And that, my friends, is how I got half of my cockweed!

For the second half of my identification as a cockweed, it is tied to the fact that a common garden weed is impossible to kill. Hence the idea that I am impossible to kill. If you have observed, garden weed – which includes cockweeds – still thrives and lives on even if you spray it with poison, pull it out, and hell, even curse at the heavens for it to go away. There is nothing and no one who can stop and eliminate a cockweed. So for you to be invincible, you must be a cockweed!

I genuinely believe there are no limitations to what we can achieve if we create and build off the cockweed mentality. Unfortunately, at one point, too many people, even me, tend to live like an orchid. After all, it is human to be complacent and comfortable. It is far easier to rely on a comfortable life and not to push ourselves. So you have an option in life – to be a cockweed or an orchid.

As you know, an orchid can only survive in a perfect environment. It is probably one of the most neediest species in the floral world. After all, an orchid needs just the right amount of water, sunlight, and care to survive. But a cockweed? No. It thrives and stays through discomfort and ultimately pushes through all problematic situations. A survivor. A winner.

You decide; the choice is solely yours!

Shirt #2 – I Bet on Me

I created this particular shirt because I observed too many people are tied to the endless dance of waiting and wanting instead of making and taking action. A common issue I witness is how people claim to want to be like this person or that person but fail or refuse to put in the work to progress to their desired outcome. Listen, you were put on this earth for a unique and special reason. You have a purpose, but it would be futile until you believe, invest, and, most of all, bet on yourself. You are the vital commodity in your success and purpose. Thus, you must bet on yourself.

Take my word for it; no one is going to save you. Most people will say that they wish you well, but it’s very likely only said for pleasantries. At the end of the day, you really only have to save yourself.

Ray Cash Care

So, to elevate yourself, I need you to do this simple yet effective drill for me.

I need you to look into a mirror and tell me what and who you see. The person you see in the mirror is critical because when sh!t goes south, that’s the only person who’s got your back.

So I want you to say the following mantra three (3) times in that same mirror.

“I bet on me!”

I need you to believe, live, and repeat this mantra to yourself. Soon enough, this idea will become embedded into your DNA, and its effects will be evident in your life. 

I know this may sound almost like a corny cliché. However, I assure you this mentality will pull you from a lifetime of pain and suffering. This mental framework can change your trajectory and create a better, more confident version of yourself.

Listen, I have created these shirts because we all have moments of doubt or self-sabotage. Whenever I feel a negative self-talk creep, I simply look down at what I am wearing and am reminded that I am a cockweed and that I bet on me! 

Remember, Ray Cash cares!

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