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Mar 10, 2023 | Lifestyle, Motivation

Before we dive into this segment, I need you to know that we all have and deal with daily BULLSH!T in our lives. I also need you to understand that I am a straight-shooter person. Like my coaching and speaking engagements, my job is to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want. I do not beat around the bush, so if you are looking for that content, you should stop and save yourself some harsh realities.

Today, our lesson is focused on discipline, and I am not referring to the broad and shallow definition of the word. Instead, we are going to the narrow, deep, and focused subject of emotional discipline. So hang on, take notes, and be ready to have critical changes in your life!

After this lesson, I only ask that you commit to applying the knowledge and SEAL secrets I share with you so that you can improve your daily lives!

Emotional Discipline

So what is emotional discipline? It is about being able to manage your feelings effectively. Being an emotionally disciplined person means that you can stay calm in challenging situations while having control over your own emotions. Only by having emotional discipline can you deal with complex problems without making them worse, as it allows you to respond effectively without reacting to triggering events.

Now that you know the definition of emotional discipline, let’s break it down into three groups: RED, BLUE, and GREEN. These colors keep these groups simple to remember and understand. After all, life is complicated, so it’s crucial to K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simply Silly. It is essential to realize that, as humans, we only live within these three colors.

RED = angry, uncontrollable, rage, and loss of control. 

BLUE = blocking out, disconnecting, disassociating, and checking out.

GREEN = stability, power, and “in the zone.”

The next process is implementing a Course of Action (COA), which includes: 

  1. Get three colored markers or highlighters in red, blue, and green.
  2. Start creating a journal or log. This can either be an excel spreadsheet or a notebook. Consistent How long, you may ask? I say never stop because your life changes daily, weekly, and annually.
  3. Consistently log your wake-up time, food intake, what events or matters make you RED, BLUE, GREEN, and the time you sleep.
  4. Review your log entries after fourteen (14) days.
  5. Annotate or highlight your log entries with the corresponding colors: RED, BLUE, and GREEN. If a particular word, event, term, or person on your log triggers a feeling, highlight it with the corresponding color.
  6. By assigning a color to your log entries, you will see what things, events, or person makes you RED and BLUE. This is what I call “The Pattern of Negativity.”
  7. After determining “The Pattern of Negativity,” you will see what aspects of your life you must eliminate. CUT THAT SH!T LOOSE!

It is vital to remember that as humans, we only have two choices: kick a$$ or get our a$$ed kicked. What’s your choice? It’s all up to you! If you choose to kick a$$, keep reading and follow along to make the critical changes to have the life you deserve!

But from my personal experience, I can assure you that negativity is like a bleeding wound; you will die if you do not find a way to control the bleeding. This is also applicable to our emotions.

Ray Cash Care

Eliminating all the negative people, places, events, and things in your life allows you to free up your time and thoughts to focus on what’s important, which is GROWTH for you and your inner circle. The seven (7) steps I created may seem too easy to be true. But the truth is, so many live with too much bullsh!t in their lives that cutting this toxicity loose is difficult. But from my personal experience, I can assure you that negativity is like a bleeding wound; you will die if you do not find a way to control the bleeding. This is also applicable to our emotions. We may not die physically from not having emotional discipline, but it will surely kill us emotionally if we do not take action.

Like in my other coaching programs, the key is you will only get what you pour into it. So get ready, pour on, and watch because I will deliver!

Stay in The Green

Below are some key triggers to help you sustain being on the GREEN aspect of emotional discipline.
Being Emotionally Disciplined Means ….

    Five Ways to Gain Control Over Your Emotions

      Six Strategies to Help Manage Your Emotions in a Healthy and Helpful Way

        Seven Healthy Foods to Boost Your Mood

          Avoid Consuming

            Wrapping it All Up…

            Here’s the deal – I provide the cheat codes to a successful life. I aim to ensure everyone knows and takes advantage of these keep secrets.
            As a Navy SEAL, these emotional discipline drills and exercises allowed me to survive and come home despite being in situations where we were outgunned and outnumbered. If I can survive those tough situations, can you imagine what you can do and the success you can generate if you apply these concepts to your daily life?

            Here’s a mantra to tell yourself daily:

            “I will CONQUER today with determination to crush my goals. In moments of weakness, I am never out of the fight. Victory comes to those that are tenacious. I WILL MAKE IT. Nothing or no one stops me. The payoff I deserve is coming.”

            Now kick some A$$!!!!! and remember; Life is hard; Be Harder


            • Ray Cash Care

              Ray Cash Care is a former Navy SEAL who provides coaching to clients wanting to take their personal and professional life to the next level. He is a highly sought motivational speaker to companies of all sizes.